Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I seem to go in spurts when I blog. Although I'd love to keep it up since it is like my journal it proves to be a lot harder then I think it will be. I'm not a natural writer so sometimes I run out of things to say. So much has happened in life that is seems silly not to write it all down so it can be remembered. This particular season seems to be when I remember to write in my blog because so much goes on. So as always my goal is to be better at blogging. It seems to be a dying trend but I want to keep it up. I love reading what is going on is other peoples lives and it seems like such a shame to miss out on that!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Easter Story in Eggs

I found this great idea that Karen Tripp posted on her blog Teach Beside Me: The Easter Story in Eggs: This is a fun tradition we are going to start in our family. Addyson is to young to really understand now but I want her growing up knowing that Easter is not just about the bunnies and chicks and all the candy.

A Very Busy Weekend

The weekend of March 22nd-23rd was a very fun, jam packed weekend. Addyson and I drove up to Utah County because I was throwing my sister a bridal shower. As if that wasn’t going to keep me busy enough I decided to throw the craziness of buying a car in there as well.

Addyson was very excited to go to dinner with Grandma and Grandad

New Car: We bought a “Barcelona red” (yep, that is what it is really called) Toyota Rav4. We wanted the four wheel drive since our future consists of quite a few more cold winters spent in Utah. We also wanted something a little roomier since babies come with a lot of stuff and her car seat pretty much took up a lot of the car. It is a beautiful car that we are completely in love with!

Visiting Mamaw: While in Utah County we always try and make it to see my Great-Grandma. She is alone since the passing of my Papaw and she always loves to see the baby. It is always wonderful to visit her and it makes me grateful that she is still here and Addyson will kind of know her Great-Great Grandma.

Bridal Shower: Saturday afternoon was Emilee’s bridal shower. If you know me, you know I LOVE throwing parties. There was a wonderful turnout and the food turned out great and I am pretty sure Emilee had a great time. 

St Patrick's Day (another first for Addyson)

St. Patrick’s Day was kind of just like every other day around here except we went to church and wore green. Shaun had to work that day so Addyson and I just played and made a yummy dinner. Last year I was pregnant with Addyson and the smell of corned beef and cabbage made me so sick, so this year we decided to go with something with a less threatening smell. No, I am not pregnant again, but I wasn’t sure if I could stomach the smell regardless. Instead we did Tri Tip…YUMMY! It was a much better alternative to corned beef. I made sure all of our side dishes were green. This included, green twice baked potatoes, green beans, green rolls, and our drink. Shaun had an hour where he could come home and eat with us so he did get to join in on our festivities. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Time has really flown by. Our little princess is now 4 months old. She is so sweet and cuddly and she is such a happy baby. 
Some fun things about Addy:
She is such a good sleeper, sleeping 10 hours during the night sometimes even more.
She is still in 0-3 month clothes (and some newborn shirts) and she is just starting to kind of fit in 3-6 months clothes.
She is in size 1 diapers
She has started to giggle at us and she loves to talk.
She loves playing with her toys.
She enjoys being read to.
She is still a pretty laid back baby and just goes with the flow.

Her Doctors appointment is on Tuesday so we will find out her weight and height!

Here is her 4 month comparison. It is really fun to see how her face has changed.

4 Month Photo Shoot

This girl is a whoot! She is always so fun when we take pictures of her. When she is looking up she is looking at Shaun. She thought it was so fun that daddy was there to make funny faces.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Sickie...Again!

Addy has a stuffy nose again, along with the sneezes. It makes me sad to see her sick. We have been really careful since she got RSV but it obviously isn't paying off. We will just keep our fingers crossed that it stay JUST a stuffy nose.

Random Pictures of Addyson

We put her in her saucer to see what she did and she just sat there trying to figure out how she could reach the toys. Not quite ready.
He cute feet don't even touch the ground
She sure loves cuddling with her duck

She loves playing with her toys with mommy and daddy
She is such a relaxed, happy baby
We tried the bumbo too...not ready

We tried the Jenny Jumper thing...she kind of liked this because she can push herself off with her feet, but she still needs a little more neck strength.